Agreed. Amazes me more people dont see this one coming, as Europe (EU and non EU) is basically broke.
My two sats. .
In Italy, Meloni is mis-characterised in some places as being somehow on the economic right of centre, or politically as some kind of nationalist. I suspect she is neither, and I'm not saying she should either, but arguably, she has played a game utilising this reputation to negotiate a bigger slice of the EU pie, pretending to be a thorn in Brussel's side... All part of the game in the EU...Wonder if she has studied Machiavelli?
EU wise, once the economy has fallen off the cliff, we can be sure the EU will ride to the rescue, "solving" the problems they have created... No doubt increased financial, social and political repression will follow. Dressed up with some nice diversionary tactics, eg Catalonia, CBDC, Gibraltar, "Security", Pan EU ID app, Net Zero, Switzerland, Pandemic Preparedness, "We're all in it together" propaganda etc ..
Worrying times.