Javier Milei is noted as pro-Bitcoin all over social media and everyone is excited about his victory in Argentina.
In reality, you won't find much, if anything, in his program regarding Bitcoin!
Javier Milei seems to be interested in Bitcoin which he mentioned during an interview:
“With legal tender, they scam you with the inflationary tax… Bitcoin is the natural reaction against central bank scammers; to make money private again.”
This allowed Javier Milei to gain popularity within the Bitcoin community.
Aside from this statement on Bitcoin, Javier Milei is best known for being anti-central bank and pro-dollar. He even talks about restoring the American dollar as the official currency in Argentina.
This does not mean that in the future he will not move towards a Bitcoin Standard in Argentina, but as it stands, the excitement about the potential impacts of his victory for Bitcoin is disproportionate.
Don't Trust, Verify.
It will be necessary to verify in the exercise of power if Javier Milei is really who he claims to be and if this will benefit the Argentines!