Empowering Creators and Merchants to Transcend the Boundaries of Online Selling.

Selling to nostr used to be hard, GoodStr fixes this! People really don't need to know which technology they use, and if the want to dive deeper and know, they will be able to!
We aim to create a seamless experience for Creators, Merchants and Curious buyers across the world that want to exchange items online without the need of trusted third parties.
GoodStr opens new doors in the realm of decentralized, trust-centric marketplaces, and it's up to us, visionary builders and creators, to shape the future of P2P commerce using the exciting futuristic and decentralized nostr technology.
Now, onboarding new people to nostr has never been easier. Try it out now!

๐Ÿ’ฏ Features

Unlike traditional online marketplaces, GoodStr doesn't need your identity, nor your bank account or the business information, so the onboarding process is sleek and simple. Obviously, No KYC either. Your GoodStr will automatically create a bitcoin wallet for you and even your private key is contained in your Magic String that allow you to chash out anytime.
GoodStr is focused on reducing the headaches of selling items online and easily collect payments, simply letting you monetize your life. Have a youtube channel? A blog? Start selling merchandise, courses, anything through GoodStr. Want to sell items at a farmer's market? That's possible too! Use GoodStr as your POS system and let people check out with ease thanks to the front shop provided within.
Once you publish an item, it will be broadcasted along the nostr protocol under the NIP15 reserved for Marketplace items. Share the link with people or embed it in your existing website. Your customers can view your products, buy items from you, and send you nostr encrypted messages anytime.
With GoodStr, your entire store is contained in your magic string, like a genie in a lamp. You just need to save that one string, safely! Repeat: you just need to save that one string (back it up and store it safely) and you can do everything you need: add products to your store, manage your inventory, track your income, and keep your money safe.

๐Ÿงก Instant Bitcoin Cashouts

A Dream Come True! No more waiting for business hours or dealing with bank runs. With GoodStr, every day is a payday! While traditional banks keep you waiting, especially on weekends and public holidays, GoodStr empowers you with the freedom of Bitcoin. Cash out effortlessly 24/7, 365 days a year... yes, forever Laura!

๐Ÿ”ฎ Future Plans

We aim to offer a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers users to monetize their life, sell items with ease, and enjoy the freedom of Bitcoin via the Lightning Network and nostr. We are pretty happy with the current results and hopefully, thanks to contributors and feedback from the community, we will be able to deliver the next set of functionalities listed below:
  • Design and build the Markets showcase page with:
    • Newest Markets
    • Most active Merchants (past week)
    • Most relatable Merchants (past week)
    • Merchants with most completed orders (past week)
  • Include Markets widget in Discovery page
  • Redesign Single Market page, will allow every Merchant to manage and curate specific products within
  • Redesign Single Item page
  • Redesign the whole buying flow, including Cart and Checkout pages
  • Introducing Subscriptions items

โœŒ Greatest Progress

You can also check our previous article to see some more visuals and details about Future Plans and the current progress, that includes:
  • Disregarded any progress done until now on the previous demo to welcome the new...
  • Started fresh with simple Bootstrap (yes, that Ui framework originally developed by the amazing team that was at Twitter) templates and snippets.
  • Redesign of the Landing page, primarily focused on onboarding new Merchants
  • Discovery page, designed to enhance product discoverability
  • Categories page, will help customers discover and filter more in details the product(s) they are looking for
  • Item product page for both digital or physical goods
  • Auction, for the items that are in a rush to be sold
  • And as you probably noticed, we remove any third parties design elements and 3D icons to replace them with an endless Emojii library, available with different tastes to everyone, depending on device ;)

๐Ÿ“ Tech Recipe

A simple one:
  • Pure HTML
  • Functionalities powered by JS
  • Some nice CSS to beautify it all
  • And a lot of emojis
Nothing more! The project's code is available on GitHub for curious ones that would like to dive in deeper.

๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿณ Team

Well, things have been changing along the way and believe it or not, there's only one person behind this second sprint of the project. GoodStr is actively looking to grow and if you find the project interesting and would like to contribute somehow, please ...

๐Ÿ“‡ Get in Touch

Feel free to sent us all your enquiries via nostr on gooodstr@iris.to or npub1hwluk4vax4g9lq882gktv75scuseferw3gvht7sdq6gthd7rqyxqluj4z3
Or alternatively, send us an email to GoodStr[at]pm[dot]me

๐Ÿ™ Thank You!

Hey @BOLT.FUN & @NostrAsia Teams! Taking this opportunity to give you all a huge hug and shoutout for organizing the NostrAsia hackathon. It's been an incredible journey here at GoodStr. Your hard work and dedication have created a fantastic platform for innovation and collaboration. ThankYou for the opportunity and the amazing experience! ๐Ÿค™ PV
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