Happy Sat-urday Stackers,
We're hosting our first Stacker News Roundtable on Friday 9/28 at 9a CT (2p UTC). We're bringing on a diverse set of bitcoiners, including Fold CEO Will Reeves, Drivechains creator and Layer2Labs CEO Paul Sztorc, the bitcoin maximalist's heel Udi Wertheimer, and someone yet-to-be-determined for a multi-polar discussion on bitcoin building, culture, and opportunities along with a discussion of bitcoin's challenges.
Find common ground while holding your own this weekend, stackers!
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  1. Digital borderless payments make remote acts of financial kindness trivial. @DarthCoin's thread encourages stackers to visit a bitcoin accepting merchant and let @DarthCoin pay the invoice. His offer is still open!
  2. @Monotone's credit and savings were revoked due to the war in Ukraine. Now living in Europe, @Monotone peacefully avoids fiat banks and lives on a bitcoin standard supplemented with cash.
  3. @TSW's bank froze their life savings for four months due to a misunderstanding. If you use a fiat bank for P2P trading, @TSW recommends using a dedicated account among other things.
  4. When IP addresses are used for geographic discrimination, VPNs provide more than privacy as @Natalia shares. Many VPN providers offer bitcoin as a payment option too.
  5. Sparrow Wallet's awesomeness has thrust its solo developer, Craig Raw, to stardom. @CoSatoshi gushes after meeting him at Nashville BitDevs.
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Yeehaw, Keyan A guy who works on Stacker News
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Just another proof of work week in the SN Saloon
Correct:- Friday is 9/29 Which is correct, the day or the date?
I'm sorry, it's 9/29!
279 sats \ 0 replies \ @fred 23 Sep
Added the roundtable event day on my calender
Will you record the roundtable? That guest should result in awesome discussion, but I won't be able to watch live :(
It's going to be a text discussion!
(I'll clarify in the email version.)
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