I sent her this message attached to the payment, but unfortunately Blink that she used is not supporting yet LUD12 comments (I made a request to Galoy team for this here):
Bitcoin is ENERGY stored in the most secured and brilliant way. Never forget that. From DarthCoin
Now even her father-in-law could not ban her from receiving Bitcoin. And it was so easy, in few steps: download an app, set a LN address and done. From that moment ANYBODY in this fucked up world could send her freedom money.
Who says that Bitcoin can be banned by any gov, take that: IT CAN'T BE STOPPED. Who says that Bitcoin is not helping people, take that: I just help that girl to see her future. Who says that Bitcoin is not working a money, take that: now she can go and buy whatever she wants with those money and NOBODY can stop her.
Well said, Darth. It feels good.