It's a Friday and the weather is nice. @k00b, does SN consider this in a post's time to live at the top?
For the front page aka ‘hot’? Yes, it decays exponentially with time
Seems like it would be more appropriate to decay with block height and not clock time... and also slow things down if the weather is nice :) .
You are doing / building a very interesting project for bitcoin and you are asking very important things about how nodes are structured. The success of this project could be also an example for many others. I am surprised that not so many other experts are not jumping in to say sonething. I tried to help you with all info know myself but there are many other aspects involved that I don't know them well
Maybe re-post this in another day, being Friday maybe they miss this good post between beers.
I am very interested to see how is going this project. If you find a solution please post here the story
May the Bitcoin be with you.
Okay, maybe I'll re-post the survey another day with some more options to choose from. I was trying to figure out if people thought auto-signing systems like greenlight were actually self custodial. Seems so far that 27% of the people think so. I threw in as another option to gauge the audience as well. Very surprised that 13% of the people think that is self custodial when they have your private keys in RAM. It seems as though not only do we have some interesting services like greenlight which push the limits of what you can call self custodial, but people may not really even know what the term self custodial actually means if they are okay with someone else holding their keys in RAM.
I would recommend you to do first this experiment for your device:
  • take a simple tablet, but I recommend with android 11 or higher
  • install Blixt wallet (full vanilla LND node) - here is a full guide I wrote about Blixt
  • play with the option for setting a bitcoin node as neutrino server (default Blixt Node, yours, or blank - random neutrino in the network)
  • open a Dunder channel with Blixt node LSP to have some inbound liquidity
  • open a bunch of other channels with other nodes (see a list here, that I made)
  • activate the option for persistent service, so Blixt will stay up and will not stop the lnd service. In that way you will have a full LN node.
  • yes, this LN node will not make routing, but for your device you don't need that, is even recommended to not have a public (visible) node in the network.
  • in this way you can have a mobile node wherever you are, with minimal resources, full custody and full control.
I don't want to shill Blixt, but is a powerful app once you know it.
Distributed Charge uses ubuntu server so it can run LND directly. Blixt look cool, but a major drawback is no reproducible F-droid build right now. Also, it's unclear where the push notifications are coming from. Why do we need push if the node is running locally on the phone?
Don't make it as a poll... people are voting without knowing anything. Few will gave the right vote. Make it more as a discussion and invite more gurus to join.