I'm quite partial to Jack Mallers' quote:
The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to help create something that will. #Bitcoin
I'm not sure exactly why I like it. Maybe because it's so thought-provoking...
It's good to see ourselves in context. One day we'll be forgotten - I'm fine with that. This certainly can help keep us very humble.
All of our actions have consequences and I guess they will reverberate on forever (whether actions related to Bitcoin or not).
What I like about the quote is that it helps us to keep in mind what Bitcoin can achieve. After a while, when the price gets high enough, any fluctuation in the price will appear miniscule and so help Bitcoin to be seen as 'stable' and a viable currency. It would help people by getting rid of inflation. So it's a very worthwhile project to nurture.
I guess the one thing that troubled me is the idea of 'forever'. It's beyond my understanding. It somehow doesn't sit right with me - I don't know why.
As a thought exercise I associate these things: Feeding something very big - to keep it alive. Lot's of people feeding it to keep it alive. Having deep faith in it (the math, the system). Incentives for all parties for it to live on. Making it a goal to keep it alive - and encouraging others to carry on caring for it after us.
We don't ever think of keeping the Dollar, the Yen or the Euro arrive forever. There's no need to keep them alive. I don't think we see them as 'living' things in the same way. We, US law at least, have considered companies to be living things - given rights as s person. Why not Bitcoin too?
There's a lot to unpick here. There's not much of a cohesive thread running through it. However, sometimes such questions and ideas can bring out more important ideas and thoughts in others.
It's certainly a great quote.
(Incidentally, I've just found that the original quote is attributed to the writer Chuck PalahnIuk, from his novel Diary. It was Maller who added the #Bitcoin part to it - to good effect.)
Nothing lasts forever. Even all the protons in the universe will decay after 100 billion years or so.
What's important is your experience. You can spend time on many endeavors, each with its own unique consequences. Bitcoin is beautiful in that once properly stored you don't have to worry about it.
If you want to enjoy your days, then you spend the most time with things that bring peace of mind, wisdom, and good health.
'tis true, 'tis true... That's a great answer!
I don't think anything is forever except energy and consciousness 🌅
Year-round, I agree with you. That part troubled me for the same reason.
Forever, one heck of a long time (beyond all our comprehension).
I guess we shouldn't take the quote too literally - the quote wouldn't have the same impact if it put 10,000 years instead.
energy and consciousness
On further reflection on your reply, isn't Bitcoin often seen as energy though..?
Agree !
Everything is energy. Bitcoin also represents digital energy. However what is very interesting about bitcoin is that it has no form in the psychical world. Therefore, it is not subject to "death". Because everything that has a psychical representation in the outer world will be dead. Time is the force that kills everything that has form. Bitcoin is the first thing that can exist as formless in a world full of forms.
I'd like to challenge your definition of physicality. The components of Bitcoin have physical representations as the configuration of memory storage devices across the world and all the brains who recognize the data and concept of Bitcoin and its mechanics. Since matter can neither be created nor destroyed, the capacity of information in the world can neither be created or destroyed, just realized or unrealized.
Theoretically matter can be rearranged into worlds where our current consciousness is a random configuration of matter that can devolve at any second (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_brain). The interesting thing about humans is our ability to search for and find relevant pieces of information that benefit us rather than having to enumerate the infinitely available possibilities in the style of The Library of Babel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Library_of_Babel)
I see your point and I agree partly especially with the "realised and unrealised" statement.
I understand your comment and yes we need devices such as storage to bring bitcoin on this world.
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That last bit is something that my head can't take in right now.
I'll have to give it some time to let that sink in...