Hey everyone, are there any plug and play solutions to accept lightning payments on my website?


and obviously:
SatSale also has wooCommerce plugin. Lightweight Python alternative to BTCPay Server. https://github.com/SatSale/SatSale
Wow so many amazing replies, thanks fam really appreciate the diverse range of answers here.
God damn I love this community <3
Yes indeed, a lot of good answers. I came to give you some indications but seeing all these answers I think you are served for now. Good luck!
Check out this video on the install process
Are you using shopify ?
I use Ibex pay on one of my sites sharkenvy.com I also have globalmerchan.io on squarespace platform (squarespace NOT square), but I'm also moving this site to a hybrid shopify/Ibex method.
IMPORTANT note the prices show in USD as a quick reference BUT you can ONLY pay in Bitcoin (lightning). Please keep in mind you add Ibex on a shopify store very easily. If you're not using shopify think about this for a minute.
Reality is your customer regardless if B2B or B2C.
  1. Needs to be able to automatically get a confirmation of the order.
  2. You will need to calculate shipping that needs to be included.
  3. The Shipping tracking should be immediately available for the customer to view receive.
  4. If your adding taxes that can automatially be included on the sales copy.
  5. If you still want to accept credit cards you can have that payment method as well.
My comments / food for thought
  1. I am serious about Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr.
  2. I have no interest in accepting credit cards, I AM FOCUSED ON ONLY USING BITCOIN.
  3. In the past I have tried the open node platform, but they started pushing me about too much KYC type of communication AND I need a full complete shopping cart that is more B2B.
  4. I have communiating with Ibex in the past and thier serice was prompt and professional.
  5. You can also keep a version on your phone and use for quick immedate sales.
Check out this video on the install process
Aloha Rich
Apart from the options recommended by others, here are some that I have looked at and saved in favorites.
You also have payment gateways for certain controls, such as:
And surely there will be more options, created right now and new ones that we will see in the future.
On my website https://cryptoshalix.github.io/BitAkashico (donation section at the top) I am using Zebedee and Paynym, both in text and QR code.
In the future, the ideal is to change them for addresses that point to my private node.
Hope these references will help you ^_^
https://magicwebstore.xyz will get you started in seconds
Put your store in an iframe on your site and boom! Easy lightning payments with zero fees
This is the best solution imo !!!
BTCPayServer is the way to go, you can use my instance if you like. Getting an account from someone else's instance is the most plug & play you get, you don't need the hassle of running the server, the LN node... Here's my nostr's pubkey npub1v63yslhw8yldt42sudksd32mkq9q6v0j88qx5ht2e7d2cvr5v6qsqsqned
All written above. I will add https://mash.com/
A Sovran Pro. We try to make it super easy for folks.