Hey Ho there fellow Stackers.
Today I want to introduce you to an new coin that I might consider the second best token after Bit🌽


Rupees are the curreny in the magical kingdom of Hyrule. Their adoption rate is very high, almost every trader in Hyrule uses Rupees as their currency. High adoption in Hyrule is hard to compare to Bitcoins adoption that is much lower but has the advantage to be in the real world.
They resemble hexagonal gemstones, come in many colors and sizes, and are most often stored within a Wallet. This is very different to digital wallets in Bitcoin - although my Rupee wallet is digital as well now that I think about it.
The colors also refer to different values. green=1, blue=5, red=20, purple=50, silver=100. Bitcoin only has BTC and Sats and no cool colors, does it?

Community and Stackers

In addition to the high adoption to traders in Hyrule there are also another group of highly motivated stackers.
Blupees are glowing rabbit-owl spirits that are so obsessed with Rupees that the Rupees are falling out when you hit them.


So I have to admit one thing at this point. The market cap and total amount of Rupees is a little unknown. I also don't quite understand how rupees are made - which is a rough comparison to Bitcoins mining mechanisms.
But please don't listen to the FUD spread by this korok:
This korok named Peeks is accusing the Blupees to be the secret miners of Rupees. I consider this pure FUD. Don't listen to this.


So ignore for a moment that you can create endless Rupees by arbitrage trading.
Ignore the bugs and duplication glitches as well, we just don't have as good as a code development process as Bitcoin. And development by Nintendo alone is definetely very different from centralized control over the code.
In BOTW you need a lot of rupees to activate the Great Fairy Fountain. This takes a lot of currency out of circulation. Very deflationary.


Ok, while writing this I realized there might maybe be a few little teeny tiny small problems here. But my overall my point stands. So no, Mr Saylor, there is a second best.
Thank you for reading
The Craig Wright of Hyrule?
Hahahaha 😂 brilliant They also seem like a good inflation hedge, as I remember Link travelled through time and 1 rupee = 1 rupee
“Ah, Your Majesty, There Is No Second”
Lmao excellent shitpost.
It's going up forever, Laura!
YOLOing life savings in 3...2...1
🤣 nice job OP.