As cheap as it is to post/comment, someone could still technically spam relatively cheaply. I thought in addition to general news, specific subforums with higher cost for posting/commenting could increase the signal:noise ratio even higher.
Maybe I don't know enough about SN yet (this is day 1 for me). Maybe SN is still too young for that. Maybe my idea is garbage. Just a thought :)
Disagree. SN is perfect as it is. But one could in theory run his own Stacker instance on his own node using his own rules. And those that agree with that instance and are interested in the content could connect to it and syndicate over RSS to their own instances.
This is the Bitcoin way.
Kind of agree here.
With the sub for jobs, maybe similar revenue related subs, value - value podcasting as I saw discussed, are necessary as subs and add potential, imo.
I feel the way SN works is that simplicity, the aggrogation in a single format. Sth akin to reddit is fine for something which spans astrology to zoology, but I'd just get lost there. There seems to be a more productive ethos to our space. Who would not be interested in lightning protocol developments, home mining technology and sound money advocacy? The umbrella is why we are here.
I do think think ways to invite an interlingual, or internationally welcoming approach would benefit the ecosystem in more ways. English may dominate much of the tech space but how good would it be to have articles and some translations linking and featured in SN?
I have been a part of many communities with subs. My opinion is that if your goal is to be a pop-culture aggregator, then you need more diverse subs.
However if your goal is to focus discussion around an underlying topic or theme, then subs tend to dilute that conversation most of the time. Less is more IMO.
Ask SN: what should be our first sub? #11418
I’m thinking a meme or Spanish sub next #21657
Well would you look at that
Yep thinking about this stuff a lot. How when what why. Your idea is not garbage! We can use all the the ideas we can get
More recent discussion on subs / groups / tags / etc. is a good website for ideas/improvements for SN. #22630
SN improvement idea: tags #22343
Is SN supposed to become a twitter or reddit competitor? #23428