my list but only movies you've never heard of:
How to get ahead in advertising. Really weird quirky movie, guy grows second head, makes you grossed out, laugh, odd movie. Around the Campfire. Old hippie movie, will make you cry, remember old psychedelic stories from your life. Dogtown and Z boys - really cool skate culture movie. 2010: The Year We Make Contact - Excellent but unkown sequel to 2001. It's got lots more psychedelic frontiers to explore just like the original Sadly a bit of an anime nerd so the Overlord movies were fun to watch for me - Overpowered MC who's quasi evil
plus a milion i forget and regular classics like Conan. Oh and I love throwing on any old Stone Monkey movies from the old rock climber days. More modern heads might just want to watch Free Solo for gripping the edge of your seat thrills but I like old school Dean Potter almost dying for the camera movies more