Login with Zeus is satisfying

These integrations are always welcome. They really help with adoption.

Very cool. Stack sats, kids.

Doesn't matter, it supports shitcoins, it's a NO for me.

Kinda silly argument TBH. If you find value in the service just use Bitcoin. They will eventually see it's pointless to support shitcoins and go Bitcoin only. You can be the signal. They will follow what the market wants.

It's like avoiding all supermarkets because they sell vegan food 😂. No, just send a signal by just not buying their vegan shit that's it.

Would you support a Crypto Exchange or a Bitcoin-only Exchange? Same argument. I don't support any company or app that has shitcoins.

This include Bitrefill, Hardware Wallets, Exchanges, everything.

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If both exchanges provides the same level of service I would of course go with the Bitcoin only exchange.

Do you know a Bitcoin only alternative to Bitrefill which provides the same quality of service?

Also its not open source, so no F-Droid. Too bad, the use-case of Bitrefill is sound.

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You can use their website. Their app is nothing but a wrapper for the website.

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So, what's your alternative? According to them, most of their sales are in USDT, so maybe you could blame it on bitcoiners for not paying in bitcoin more often.

I don't understand this stance of disliking shitcoins but being OK with fiat. Unless you somehow manage to pay 100% of your expenses in bitcoin. If that's the case, please share how you do it.

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Works like a charm with Phoenix. Very nice, would like to see more adoption of this.