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Listen to some Bitcoin podcasts and start a fun weekend!

Been interested in trying sales jobs after working in tech for a while, applied to a few tech-adjacent sales jobs. Wish me luck

why the move?

Also no joke I have totally fucked myself up from repetitive sitting, want something where I am expected to move around during the day at least a little.

Burnout after working my last tech job (big company, big projects, bad corp culture), also a desire to try my hand at selling. I still enjoy working with software but lately it's just pet projects and learning a bit of DSP here and there

Happy weekend everyone, school is almost over and summer vacations are coming so it's time to relax and enjoy some family time or perhaps it's time to get cracking and get a summer job and invest in bitcoin, maybe? Or maybe it's just a regular month, either or I recommend to you to have a relaxing day, not everything is work, work, work... Remember we work to live not love to work. So try to find a nice place to go and enjoy some time off, maybe a day or two, camping, fishing, a beach resort, a picnic in a park or a drive to a small town and see the country. If not, no worries a nice BBQ and a couple of brewskies can do the trick, the idea is to forget about the everyday stress and pamper yourself. I wish you an incredible weekend and lots of good vibes my friend. Be well and stay frosty.

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Can we share bookmark as a post ?

Going to play golf, a good opportunity to orange pill (captive audience)

Nice. I used to play in a bit in my early 20s. Had a couple buddies that liked to play but I haven't played in 20 years now. I live right next to a golf course so I should probably get back into it.

I don’t think you’d regret it, a good rule is to never decline an invitation to golf, even if you suck at it

yeah, I am appreciating golf the more I play. You get a genuinely long amount of time doing something hard and fun, but still getting to talk.

I agree, and it’s very addictive. For example when you notice your bad rounds getting better and better over time, it’s highly satisfying / like a dopamine hit that actually feels somewhat healthy

Going to do some stealth camping i think. Not the first time btw. And I think most ppl use their vans and cars and try and park and look like normal cars, but im going with just an inflatable mattres and a sleeping bag + some other stuff that will fit in my backpack. Last time i found a glass fiber windmill wing that for some reason was stored a long with many other windmill wings in the outskirts of the industrial area, they were a couple years old so probably faulty or something there were names inside + year written inside probably the inspector or the people who made them? But it was a good time in there. The wing was hollow and it was huge and it was like a cathedral. However i have the potential to snore, so the wing was probably acting like a giant horn and blasting the snoring out i think, so i wont do that again i think :)

This time i have found an area that is surrounded by highway and cut off by the on and off ramp, there is no way in except crossing either of those so i assume there wont be any people or police or anything coming while im camping. I took a picture of the location because why not.

Camping site (The area looks remote, but it cuts through a large urban area. But if i zoom out more to show i may be doxxing myself more than i would like.) Anyway thanks for reading and i hope u enjoyed? Time to get get packing for this little adventure. Take care.

Have fun and let us know how it goes,

In honour of DAY 2 of My Cowboy Hat Streak...

You lost your hat. I don't see it.

Day 41 of snailposting everyday 'til BTC hits $100k.