BTC Prague has the ambition to become the largest bitcoin event in Europe.

Wouldn't you 🧡 love to see as many local businesses as possible in Prague accepting #bitcoin? Let's join forces to make this happen.

The city currently has 33 confirmed locations on where you can pay with bitcoin. And it’s growing every day 🔥

Help us reach more businesses by sharing these Czech instructions, especially on your socials outside our bubble 🙏


THIS IS THE WAY! Merchants adoption is the key to move forward. Without them all things are built are for nothing.

Related to that we have signal group with ~150 ambassadors

  • To discuss what works and what not in local conditions
  • When some business decide to start accepting bitcoin we are able to bring him some customers

Signal requires a phone number

Consider simplex - the latest versions have improved group capabilities

I agree, but simplex urgently needs a UI designer, as the interface lags far behind modern applications.

Have you tried it recently?


Seems slick to me but I haven't really used it. What's the worst part compared to Signal according to you?

The main disadvantage of Signal is that it uses a phone number for registration. And in terms of user interface, Signal is superior to Simplex.

What part of the UI is the worst?

personally, I like the Simplex UI

The signal ux sucks. captcha screens, sms verification, pin reminders...

plus you reveal your mobile number to everyone you chat with

Thx, I will have a look again.. But Signal is currently well recognised here..

One day I’ll go to Prague

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Why not go this time?

Family and cost.

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Rock on