Kollider is the first real-time settled derivative exchange, with a trading and settlement system that enables traders to get instantaneous price exposure without needing to pre-fund their trading accounts.
The Kollider trading engine takes advantage of the Lighting Network in order to give traders the ability to access instant exposure to a range of products through the usage of Bitcoin without any need of pre-funding an account.
Kollider Bitcoin wallets supporting the Lightning Network includes Wallet of Satoshi, Breez, Blue Wallet, Phoenix, Muun, BLW, Zap, and Zeus.
Kollider could provide much direct value to you, but you’d need to learn how to execute your ideas on it. Over the next two weeks, each user's individual volume will be summed up, with a multiple added to their score for each consecutive day of trading. The users who trade the most volume the most consistently will be eligible to win.