Calling all Bitcoin builders!
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If you missed last week's thread, here are the updates SN users shared from all their latest work projects.
It’s nice to be back in the office after a few weeks with lots of traveling. I’ve already caught up on Stack Exchange adding three answers as well as revising and retagging a number of other posts this week. I co-authored a section on Incentives in our Mempool series for the Optech Newsletter.
After the preceding “Mini Miner” (#27021) got merged last week, I’ll be working on rebasing my “ancestor aware funding” (#26152) PR. There are multiple open PRs that touch the same code areas which are causing merge conflicts that I want to review. Today, I need to also glance at a research proposal and attend a talk. Tomorrow, I will co-host the Bitcoin Optech Audio Recap. I also need to give our Chaincode Podcast episode with Alekos and Daniela from BDK a listen. I hope to get back to my draft for a BIP on transaction terminology early next week.
Just released the signet version of Mutiny Wallet and a demo video showing it working well with the Fedi wallet:
Would love feedback from anyone willing to try it out:
Just finished my new episode “The Bitcoin Retirement Plan.”
Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Bitcoin for your retirement? The best strategy to provide for your future? We ran the numbers.
Check it out, folks 👇
On Stacker: #183327
Feedback truly appreciated! 🧡
reply onramps and offramps, gifting and referral system. Lots of new features next week
reply <- replicable menu application for restaurants hooked into a BTCPay Server ( currently live beta) and a front-end for a marketplace (still figuring out logistics of p2p trade). Ultimately want it to run on nostr using inspiration from Ben Arc's nostr-market!
Yesterday, I began developing my own cross-platform client, not because I dislike the other clients, but because I want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nostr protocol.
It will be a long journey until it's good enough for production. I'll announce it here when it's actually useful :)
Creating a business card design which will include a QR code for my Fold Card referral link. I will leave one sitting on the counter at check out every time I shop somewhere, tape one to the handle or display screen at the gas pump, give to friends and neighbors when I see them, etc. If you live in an apt building you could put one in each mailbox or slide under their doors, or get creative in other ways. It is a less scalable strategy but for ~$20 you could get 100-200 cards printed and test out different ways of distributing them. Even if you get only 2-3 people to sign up, you may be able to break even on the endeavor financially notwithstanding the fact that you’re probably orange pilling many more people along the way. Maybe this is a dumb idea overall but it should be fun.
WebLN was a good tool to get started with, but the mobile experience is just not acceptable for keysending to multiple recipients. Started adding the hooks and code to enable using the Alby API for sending sats to PeerTube creators this week. Can still avoid any sat custody on the PeerTube side while providing a much cleaner and usable user experience.
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Learning mostly tbh. I'm playing around with different wallet options including Sparrow and looking into Ledger HWW alternatives that are easily obtainable in the UK.