What are your favourite podcasts?
Linux unplugged and pretty much anything from Jupiter Broadcasting, it's mostly around Linux and tech. Bitcoin dad pod. Probably science
Bitcoin Review Bitcoin Audible Bitcoin Magazine Podcast BTC Sessions Citadel Dispatch The Kevin Rooke Show Pod256 Stephan Livera Podcast The Anita Posch Show
I listen to all of these regularly
Damn, no Simply Bitcoin?
I forgot Simply Bitcoin. Great podcast.
What Bitcoin did - #145617
Don't always agree with Peter but usually a very good show with excellent guests.
The Rollo and Slappy Show I'm firends with one of the guys on this podcast, so I'm somewhat biased.
The Transformation of Value (The impact of Bitcoin-thinking on the world, New Zealand-based, I am the host!)
Simply Bitcoin Bitcoin audible Bitcoin Magazine BTC Sessions Citadel
In no particular order
  • No Agenda
  • Rabbit Hole Recap
  • Bob Murphy Show
  • Citadel Dispatch
  • Ask Pastor John
  • Stephan Livera Podcast
  • The Survival Podcast
  • Wealthsteading Podcast
allesvoorbitcoin.podbean.com ("Alles voor bitcoin" means: everything for bitcoin) is a Dutch language podcast from Belgium.
The only two I listen to is Bitcoin Audible and Stephen Livera
"Lunaticoin" is also one of the best podcasts for spanish speakers. Been also followin "Un podcast sobre Bitcoin" both I recomend. Thumbs up!
I listen to a variety of Bitcoin podcasts but not every episode. Usually depends on guest and subject. I listen to Preston's every week. I have been listening to TIP for many years and I bought bitcoin (sadly just a small amount) back in 2016 when Preston started talking about it, so I am very loyal to his pod. Besides, it is high quality.
I listen to a couple sports podcasts regarding teams I follow.
I usually listen to All In podcast although they drive me nuts sometimes. I really wish they would stop talking about macro and monetary policy or at least have someone on that has a clue.
Occasionally I will listen to Rogan or Lex Fridman if they have a guest I am really interested in.
And of course any podcast Fountain promotes and gives me sats.
+1 for bitcoin review. Really good pod goes over major updates in the ecosystem. NVK a legend.
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