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Short answer: Yes.
Realistic answer: Still safer than most 99% (possibly 100%), most non-open-source projects.
The whole infrastructure around Bitcoin makes it difficult to bypass the "core idea".
Let's compare.... It is easier to fool the end user when everyone knows the code or in a closed project where only de devs know what are they doing?
If you are worried about centralization on Bitcoin... Well, I got bad news about everything else...
I dare to say the problem is not even Bitcoin itself,b you just got unlucky.
I had a substantial savings many years ago... Due many wrong choices I've made and some lack of luck, everything just vanished.
Sometimes "shit happens" that's the fact... Maybe you've could done things different but you know what... You took the risk, you got the balls to do it...
How worse could have been if you dropped the project and suddenly everything skyrocketed?
You simply don't know... Forgive yourself, stop self pitty and move on.
I don't think it's a huge problem... I mean, what's the difference between your scenario and the average rich person today?
Don't get me wrong, it's a valid discussion for any rich person.
Nice article!
I already do that for both my clients, offering the option to receive payments with Bitcoin and when I'm the customer I ask if they accept Bitcoin.
It's funny because as soon as I ask if they accept Bitcoin as payment, it's noticeable they seems to seriously think about it.
Yeah... Maybe all we need is ask.
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Very helpful and easy to understand! Thanks!
Not to mention the amount of data we already given in the past years. Even if some of us decides to tackle on this subject there will be plenty o data already in hands of others...
Not sure if there a way out...
SEC approved an ETF based on Bitcoin thus creating desire for large equity funds to buy Bitcoin (as well traders).
Sadly it's not effective. There are plenty of good resources but it's not getting widespread as it should be...
If someone tries to offer ponzi schemes using the Bitcoin as the way to get rich, a lot of people will join.
If you try to teach correctly, few come into... Or at least slow paced, but don't get new wrong, there are more and more people awaking to the revolution.
It's not a Bitcoin problem (I think) it's a human issue...
Now that you mentioned... never thought about fiat being a shitcoin... sadly no one accept Bitcoin nearby...
It's a matter of perspective... I'm trading on fiat but always looking for BTC on the long run...