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stacking since: #20892longest cowboy streak: 1
Love a good stogie, favorite summer treat. Pretty miffed 45 made importing Cubans illegal illegal again, I was in Aruba and had to pass up bringing any back.
Pretty cute way to orange pill people. I gave one to each of my cousins
Do you have a Cold Card? You could buy one with the sats and then consolidate on the Cold Card.
I think it's semi-annoying it doesn't have a proper XPUB so Sparrow wallet can't view the balance.
Not sure why you'd be worried now though, fees only 8 sats on mempool. How many UTXOs are we talking?
That's what companies like StarLabs and System76 allow you to do though. I'd prefer if AMD natively shipped with Coreboot but that seems unlikely to happen unless we keep supporting those companies.
I’m not quite sure how you would make an easier method of changing the bios that didn’t open up the gateway to some very nasty malware.
It can be hard at times but I have to accept the person who knows what actions are best for themselves is the person themselves.
I wanted to learn more about mining and it was honestly easier to find resources for Monero than Bitcoin. Surprising to me but I guess everyone has siloed their own mining solutions since Bitcoin is so cut throat.
Sadly having good access to keys meant I sold all of my Monero when I needed a quick buck 😂
For Bitcoin? Not really. I vaguely remember using a BTC faucet when i was very young but I don't think I intended to keep it really.
I think I have even my oldest GPG keys as well, they've been all withdrawn though.
Wording from the document:
Tighten tax rules for digital assets, including cryptocurrency, and impose a new 30 percent excise tax on electricity costs associated with digital asset mining
What are your go to non-alcoholic drinks?
I enjoy drinking but do roll my eyes at people coping over "health benefits".
It's vibes for me. Nice to unwind with a glass of cognac and reflect on the day. I'll often nerd out on the human effort that went into what I'm drinking as well.
I think beer culture is probably the most casual with whiskey/whisky culture after that, bars are obviously a great place for convo for both. I enjoy cigar lounges for similar reasons. I think some people (college students, wineos) can create a poor imagine of drinking but I def don't think it's all bad. Hard to paint something from the dawn of civilization with a broad brush.
I personally enjoy nerding out on the distinctives of beer, wine, and spirits when I found customers really appreciated me laying out the facts. There's a lot of history that spans cultural and political differences no matter where you decide to dive in.
I’d give up alcohol way before giving up cigars (as in never having a cigar again, I take a break during the winter).
I enjoy about two drinks every couple days but lately I find it doesn’t agree with my stomach. I worked in a liquor store for three years so it would bum me out never to drink it again because the culture is so deep and interesting to me. My drink of choice is cognac or whiskey but I have been enjoying Jager this winter. Goes great with a cup of hot chamomile.