534,930 sats stacked
stacking since: #104755longest cowboy streak: 67
That’s great. Now I know where I truly stand ~ on the shoulders of giants or chasing after their shadows haha
You are a walking encyclopaedia! Indeed, the book mentions memory palace, but because I am familiar with this memory tool, I didn’t bother typing it here. I have levelled up as a teacher this year because I taught my incoming seventh graders this tool haha
Great! We can be each other’s accountability buddies.
I read somewhere that one must get 20 mins of sunlight every day in order to have good quality sleep. So I’m working towards that haha.
Why is interacting with people irl difficult/troublesome for you? Because of your health condition?
You really treat your body like a shrine, huh?
As a teacher who starts work at 7.45am, I’m afraid that my morning routine doesn’t allow me to make my coffee. I typically have one cup of black coffee (no sugar) at the coffee shop at around 6.45am. I NEED it, otherwise I will feel cranky throughout the day. I can even feel that I’m developing a headache though perhaps it’s the Placebo effect.
I used to have a second cup of coffee during lunch at school. A perk-me-up so that I can better manage the rascals under my charge. But I have killed this habit this week.
That’s because I occasionally had a third cup of coffee in the evening before I picked up my children. However, this week, I read an article from a government agency about how drinking three cups of coffee will exceed the recommended caffeine intake for my day. So I abandoned my afternoon dose and savour coffee at around 6.15pm, enjoying my Me time until I have to pick up my kids.
I don’t particularly care if the guides say no caffeine intake after noon. My evening cup is for SURVIVAL purposes haha
It’s great that you and your wife are playing to your strengths. You sound like me. I don’t bother about recording every expense I make and maintaining a budget. I get the bills paid, but I don’t quite know how much I have left until my next pay cheque. I mean, I could, but the nitty gritty of managing drives me nuts.
I actually downloaded a budgeting app before my son was born. But because I don’t like to fuss so stringently about money, it never took root.
So the best advice I can give is to set SMART financial goals. I intend to save $5k for my daughter and another $15,300 for my retirement fund this year. If I manage to attain these two goals by 31 Dec, I will then save $5 for my son. Rinse and repeat.
You bet I’m super motivated to reach these goals. Because I monitor my destination, I know how much more I have to save.
I’m also good about chalking small wins. So I spent about 30k sats to buy a food takeout voucher from Bitrefill. Consequently, I transferred an equivalent amount to my daughter’s account. Doing so keeps me on my toes and makes me feel happy that I’m crawling towards my goals. Haha
Money is a game. Have fun gaming it!
The cash envelope system is a Japanese method called kakeibo!
Some online banking platforms like Chase allow you (as in the generic you) to manage virtual envelopes. But that is assuming that you aren’t aspiring to get out of the fiat system haha: https://www.chase.co.uk/gb/en/hub/kakeibo-saving/
Did you know that a single brain cell can grow 15,000 connections with its neighbours? This chain reaction of growth ensures the pathway of thought responsible for the behaviour grows strong, thus making it easier to kick this new resource into action in the future.
I had chills go down my spine.
Here, take my sats
I don’t!
Okay now I deduce that we are either the same age or you are 12 years older than me. I have been wondering about your age since your Zodiac post haha
With BTC pumping as it is, I’m pleased to report that my sats have bought me a $25 food takeout voucher (as opposed to $20) from Bitrefill. Maybe I will order one salad from my eatery to eat more healthily lol
I just realised that I had commented on your fun Friday post back then. Great recall for me haha
I like your method, except that I will like to do it with the books I read. Just typed out the lines i underlined in “The End of Absence” today!
Ahh letting the subconscious work its magic in the background
Well done you. Usually at the end of the workday, I would be as deflated as a balloon and just can’t wait to get out of the workplace. On better days, I have the mood to declutter, but that doesn’t come often haha
I need to learn from you and develop the discipline to step away from the problem strategically haha
You remind me of the saying “a watched kettle never boils.”
For sure. Road trips (without traffic jams) are the best thing ever
Well done! Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. Does this mean that I won’t win Fun Fact Friday this week? 😜