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SignUpstr, it's going to be a mailing noting list for nostr.
Hoping to do a sort of dogfooding, zapvertising, pre-launch in the next day or two. Follow me on Nostr until then.
I don't trust proprietary software with any more value than the license fee, hence effectively have no use for Windows or Mac with Bitcoin.
Nothing lasts forever. Even all the protons in the universe will decay after 100 billion years or so.
What's important is your experience. You can spend time on many endeavors, each with its own unique consequences. Bitcoin is beautiful in that once properly stored you don't have to worry about it.
If you want to enjoy your days, then you spend the most time with things that bring peace of mind, wisdom, and good health.
I don't really care as long as it's fair. I send these sats on to users here and on Nostr.
Bitcoin is a provably scarce asset which is immune to debasement. Yes, the price fluctuates and the common refrain to any sort of stated gain is cherrypicking of the date range, but time has proven that with proper opsec and risk management it has succeeded so well as savings that it turned into a moonshot. Even from here, we know 21M is the kind of hard cap possessed by no other asset in the world.
Most of these businesses are speculative and/or attempts by the established finance world to contain Bitcoin. So they bring leverage, KYC, and scam tactics to try to win users and investors.
The proven use cases for Bitcoin, savings and mining, don't need leverage or KYC. Bitcoin mining is a brutal business which requires a lot of capital, tech expertise and a solid supply chain. As we saw with the last cycle when financial games attempt to be played with mining people get wrecked. Bitcoin as a savings tool just needs hardware wallets, and the better it gets (here comes discomfort) the more it challenges established finance.
Discomfort is the proper vibe when NFTs are the best thing you can come up with, when you don't make hardware, or you're not building for mining or savings.
When I first learned that Bitcoin wasn't just beanie babies and that it would challenge the dollar, I looked at it like a techie who was used to upgrades and troubleshooting. Mail got an upgrade, so why not money? Little did I know the power that would cling to fiat and fight the true innovation. Imagine Windows vs. Linux except the stakes are the ability to tax and control economic value, not software licensing fees.
tl;dr Savings and mining are Bitcoin's proven use cases. Discomfort is natural when you go beyond that.
Did the crypto-friendly banks collapse? I heard they were shutdown. Would love to read more about what actually happened.
I'll respect the positions of politicians only in cases where the lobby is illegal and corruption is prosecuted. Until then I consider politicians as corporate assets which unfortunately puts a lot of the government at corporate disposal. If you want to fix things, the people need to matter again. I'm not seeing a particularly positive way that happens unless bitcoiners start to organize and cleanse corruption.
I think people are aware but if not there is a risk for lightning that only blessed nodes can be paid which could create a fracture between let's say KYCd services and non. Not saying that's happened here because it would be pretty obvious and crippling for CashApp but it's something to be aware of.
Was Paul a big blocker? I'm sketched out but can't recall why.
Cost vs benefit. The cost is in learning, installation, setup, discovery. The benefits are connecting to whoever's on Nostr, resistance to bans and cancellation, participating in something young and malleable. I'm certainly forgetting some.
Anyway our task is to decrease costs and increase benefits or the perception thereof. Posts like this are very important for pointing out the costs. We could use and counterpoint that inspires by highlighting what's been great.
One thing I've just discovered is that Amethyst even with many relays doesn't see engagement that's shown on primal. I think Primal is leading on the centralized front. Good for them, it's what I would do too, but I'll have to see if the missing notes can be gotten with better relay choices.
Latency is per relay so I guess there'd be an exponential falloff. 100ms vs 200ms doesn't matter but 200ms to 300ms means the latency is starting to affect things. Maybe it can be statistically derived based on the population of relays you see. The bottom 10 or 20% for latency gets heavily penalized.
The other part of the score is log of unique users. Balance those two effects and I suppose you're good for ranking.
Not impossible, but yes very very low. Like so low that we humans don't intuitively get it. The stackexchange link probably points to the math.
That was a fun read. It's great to have you, someone who was paying attention in 2014, here. I'm not worried about WorldCoin, just another scam, but this is a story that should be passed out to those lines of people so they know to sell ASAP or go do something useful instead of waiting and getting scanned.
Other things to measure include ping, ttfb, and time to receive back a note I post.
The time to receive back a note is most useful for ranking aggregators like filter.nostr.wine.
But, I don't find lag to be too big an issue so the question I'm really interested in is if I want to connect to n relays, which will allow me to see notes from the broadest set of users with lowest latency? To measure that you'd have to connect these things for a while and see what the overlap is in terms of users. Users also post their relays I believe so that's another data source.