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Our trust in DJ's has been destroyed, and we have moved to obsolete them!
Here is a discription of what we are building right now.
Noderunners Radio is an interactive radiostation. Use the Jukebox Bot to add music to the queue.
What we achieved:
  • We want the crowd to be the DJ. Our Jukebox Lightning Bot* makes this possible.
    Not only for Radiostations, but also for live events, venues, bars and pubs, businesess, you name it!
  • You want a three channel silent disco for your #bitcoin meetup, conference of festival? We got you covered!
  • No BS talk, no adds, just fantastic music from Noderunners around the world!*
Our ultimate goals:
  • Get this thing to FM and internet Radio protocols
  • Get it going during live events
Tune in via our zap.stream or radio.noderunners.org.
You can find the unique basic web-interface for the Lightning Jukebox Bot of Noderunners Radio here. Additionally, you can listen to the Radio via our Telegram group here.
You can even spin up your own Radio with our Jukebox Lightning Bot!
When you do, you will get your own unique web-interface!
Ask for help in our TG chat if you need it, or just come hangout and play us your favorite pieces of music!
It works very well for parties, pubs, or wherever else you want folks to have acces to a Lightning enabled Jukebox Bot. GREAT FOR ORANGE PILLING FRENS AND FAM!
Further plans
  • Getting the bot to nostr
    This process is slowly underway, see: #npub1wqtq2k9cawq2hkwz474xdm6ef0drmdhn4fk59hpyuex5l0ewa9rsj9a4cz
  • Getting some dedicated hardware for streaming the Radio
  • Making the Lightning Jukebox Bot more modular
    To easily allow for pluggin in/out more media-players & -labraries and to further bot integration over more platforms
  • Integrating with Wavlake with the Jukebox Lightning Bot
    So musicians get their fair share of sats paid to the Jukebox
We have started FOSSing the Jukebox Bot (we may make a seperate project page for that).
Please bear with us while we slowly add more things to the Github page. Normie life and the dirty FIAT-mines still take a sizeable chunk of our lives.
A friendly neighborhood Noderunner created an applet for the Tidbyt so you can see the current track playing on Noderunners Radio. Find it, and a preview of it, here.
We are expanding to support live music and artists in another project called Sesh.
To stay up to date, you may follow @noderunnersFM on Twitter & NOSTR & stacker.news.
We will strive to stay transparent on how we spend your donated sats. You worked hard for them, and we feel it is important to give you some insight in how we allocate them to further the project. Do know that we must keep team-member privacy in mind. The administration is not quite ready yet, but once it is, we will update this page with some statistics.
*We might prob setup seperate pages for the Jukebox Bot and the Sesh app.
*Because we do not want to do ads we are reliant on your support.
This is cool but my concerns are this is way too complicated for someone that just wants to listen to the regular top 40 hits on a local radio station. And that's at least 40-50% of people that listen to music in some capacity for a chunk of time on a daily basis. Any ideas to appeal to them?
Yes, we want a massive antenna on Bukele's vulcano. Radio waves don't stop at borders. Plebs will be the DJ via the Jukebox, and we will try and silently append the state of the Bitcoin Network to the FM/AM signal.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome & good luck!
Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.