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As others have said, if a bank blocks you, you can use Revolut or these others methods to acquire bitcoin:
You've got the right idea! My bank account's main purpose is for buying bitcoin.
But also food, groceries, bills.
But if you really hate banks, and want dollars, have cash in a safe.
That's the goal, but getting on zero fiat is nearly impossible in the USA. How do they eat and pay for gas?
This is not good. For future changes that get ramrodded through (with potential vulnerabilities as @theariard has suggested), consider making them public and read only for the non members.
The podcasts that Rogan doesn't want you to hear.
If you search archive.org you'll find three different torrents which have his complete podcast archive up to episode 1500 (before he went dark on Spotify)
I was told there would be cake
Someday we'll have cashu or some other type of better ecash and Dollar General will have mint.dollargeneral.com. Most transactions will take place off chain as @darthcoin has stated on Nostr.
Make this great post into a spreadsheet and we can collaborate on additions (or an elgoog form).
1000$ is the sweet spot for normies. Be ahead of the Bell curve.
The real question is: how much would you reinvest versus hodling. No one is talking about this, yet it's crucial to the continued existence of a mining operation. Obviously you want to sell as far down the road as possible.
Also very interestingly, the Great pyramid of Giza is 2,103,840 blocks.
Just kidding. I made that up 😄
I just realized that the halving occurs in leap years.
That was ok to defeat the British I guess
LND doesn't perform well and is for high transaction nodes. I'd rather use CLN for my purposes.