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I don't think it'll become meaningless in any way, but it should not be taken for granted that lightning will become the dominant L2. Technically, Fedi may be more desirable to more people than lightning, and something could be created in the future that is more usable than both of them.
If anyone is unaware of lightning's shortcomings (mainly channel balancing maintenance) then they typically are overly excited at first and then harshly disenfranchised when they come to understand the challenge. That's the majority of the FUD we see, IMHO.
Since no one else on this page says it, I might as well:
B/C we're all used to using cash. (Paper bills & electronic)
That's the benchmark that we all have in our minds already.
For your govt to set a new benchmark on BTC transactions with far less usability/freedom, it will stick out like a sore thumb and be noticed by everyone. People won't like it, every one of us. Therefore, our political organizations (and bitcoiners have some of the best-funded PACs in existence already!) will keep bad laws like the one you're suggesting from being passed.
And as for a global effort? LOL; some countries like the Arab states & Israel, Russia & Ukraine, or North Korea & Japan, will never agree with each other on any issue. It's just too polarized out there to pass any global framework uniformly.
Just had another idea: Claim asbestos killed your mom there, and that they are in danger!
Socialism's a bitch.
In the US this is mainly only happening in NYC & the biggest cities of Commiefornia. The rules vary from location to location, but in NYC it's so pro-squatter that it's even illegal for the rightful owner to stop paying for the utilities for the squatter!
It's particularly easy for squatters now because of how long probate court takes to inherit a property... Leaving many homes empty for a year or more before inheritors can enter.
One trick I've heard that works well is to hire someone to squat the squat from underneath the squatters. It's as easy as making another fake lease doc, watching for the squatters to step out, then have your paid squatter go inside somehow, pushing all the squatter's stuff out. When the police show up the new squatter simply claims that he's the one that's been there for 30+ days, and you, as the rightful owner, can attest to that. ;)
Funny how shitcoins always re-invent themselves for each Bitcoin bull market. I saw Ordinals coming as this bull run's disguise from the first time Udi wore a wizard hat.
People, and by people I mean scammers, are endlessly creative. It's extremely likely that they will keep finding new branding/marketing tricks to sell their shitcoins every single bullrun from now through hyperbitcoinization.
It's equally as likely that more and more mainstream applications come to appreciate the fact that bitcoin's blockchain is the most secure & accessible way to store their important data that mankind has ever invented... We'll certainly be worried about more than altcoins bloating our blockchain in the future!
What we need to do is become proactive about demanding for everyone to use a layer-two solution such as OpenTimestamps instead of putting junk directly on the blockchain. They can timestamp their precious data and store it in torrents or something; no need to spend all that money to store it on my node!
4th option: Be 18 years old again today with all your memories intact.
I'd choose #4 if I could, but if not I really want to see what 50 years from now will be like so I choose that over simply being rich.
I can't even fathom why someone would choose to go back to 1974. Just in time to be drafted for 'Nam, right? Fun fun fun...
Here here.
I learned this in a very different way, however. I'm married to someone who must be right so often that it's basically an automatic argument when I offer my own opinion on any subject at all.
Even if I have direct evidence of something that she doesn't know about yet, simply presenting that evidence will make me wrong because how dare I go against her position! I swear, it's like I'm living in a Chinese emperor's court or something...
Anywho, the only way our marriage has survived is by me learning to shut up and listen... To learn her perspective completely. And when I do that & still realize that she's simply uniformed on the subject, I then have to find a way to let HER discover the contrasting information instead of just presenting it to her.
It takes a lot of playing dumb which, unfortunately, just enforces her decision that she's always right.
Might have something to do with the fact that most movies these days are woke garbage.
Not to mention, We're almost able to make them on our laptops with AI alone.
So like localbitcoins then. Is there any recourse for if & when they get scammed anyway? Any kind of arbitration at least?
How will Bisq Easy keep trades safe when it removes the deposit requirement?
OMG they've solved the 'bitcoin needed to buy bitcoin' problem in Bisq Easy!
I can't imagine how this works under the hood... Can't wait to try it out for myself.
That algorithm is racist AF, too. For instance, if you are Chinese it always tends to show you videos of people making life & the world around them better, with words of wisdom & prosperity every other video.
If you're american though, it only shows you ghetto drama, gay promotion, and a whole lot of twerking videos.
Nice. Other than running a website, what other uses do I need for such fonts?
So THAT'S why Walter White and other TV criminals always break their burner phones in half when they are done with them. I always wondered why they didn't just throw away the SIM cards...
I like the alignment part but my mind races with obscure scenarios like what happens if one spouse gets in a wreck & winds up in a coma? Sure it could be set to time out, but clearly a bunch of money would be immediately needed for medical bills, possibly to save that spouse's life.
I could see this working better as a savings account that was opened at the wedding. All your friends and family contribute sats instead of handing you an envelope on the big day... And throughout your marriage you both have the option to add sats to it, perhaps a little out of each paycheck, to save up for something like a dream home or vacation budget... But everyday living money stays left out, in your normal wallet.
I just discovered Mojeek, a british SE that is absolutely adamant about no tracking nor even ads. Not as bad results as you'd think they are.
Saylor's quarterly reports make it crystal clear who is funding his bitcoin purchases... He is, by both leveraging his existing coins & by reinvesting the profits from his software company. I doubt he uses blackrock at all.
Could be mistaken for a voter turnout chart.
This is a very fiat mindset. Bitcoin is a new paradigm.
There's no way to make your sats work for you without giving up your keys, and the moment you do they're not your coins anymore. Therefore, all such solutions are unsafe.
Why be unsafe when your sats naturally appreciate in value over time?
Custodial wallets always win in UX, but a great non-custodial experience is Phoenix wallet. (Trust-minimized, actually.)
There is no perfectly trustless, non-custodial lightning wallet yet but we're getting closer.
I agree with most of what you said but you're overlooking the incentive bitcoin gives nations to put it in their treasury. As it grows more valuable it becomes impossible to overlook as an alternative to gold... And it's one that many big countries have lots of already, confiscated from scammers.
Once they start adding it to their treasury the game changes massively. They'll be incentivized to protect bitcoin or else shoot themselves in the foot, financially.
El Salvador was the 1st to add BTC as an official treasury asset and plenty others are in a gray area there like Bhutan & Georgia. It's just a domino progression from here, as the price grows more and more governments will be forced to do the same until they all have. Game theory demands this.
So the only question I worry about is weather or not we'll see BTC as a treasury asset in the US before some kind of authoritarian wave passes through US politics, creating a 6102 moment. Maybe even then all our digital asset SuperPACs would stop that from happening outright, but it's still a race nonetheless.