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I don't find it "alarming".
It's really more relieving. Normal economic hygiene long overdue.
The moon be like:
The rumors about the importance synthetic data to train AIs is absolutely fascinating.
Using unrealengine for videofootage training data is the obvious one. But there are rumors about how much GPT-5 is trained on generated text with classification/regression. Fascinating.
Disingenuous to call what you're doing "cosplay". Clearly your (and your peers in the industry) primary intent is soft-porn and cosplaying is the secondary intent at best.
Not judging - do whatever you like. But calling it "cosplay" is disingenuous and harming the actual cosplaying scene
Imo: one of if not the biggest lever for humanity moving forward. If God will, we all will see the day when production is made by robots. Inshallah we will see the great bootstrapping and achieve singularity.
Correct, it's a correlation. But it's still interesting
I don't think it's that bad. Most people here should be aware that infrastructure degrades over decades which makes marking any 4 year time period too small to pin it on it
Did Obama ruin American infrastructure? What about Trump, surely he ruined everything, right? Is Biden actively throwing American infrastructure into crisis?
No to all of the above.