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It's not just the zoning that's a problem there; in many urban city-center places there are also parking minimums for residential that would be stricter than for commercial.
And, given that not being able to park a vehicle at your residence usually means not owning a vehicle, and that for purposes of traveling more than a couple miles away, not owning a vehicle puts you at the whims of the policies of Uber et al (and/or, in the future, the whims of whoever might hack into the autonomously-delivered vehicle that you rent) ... I find it difficult to argue against these parking minimums at any level beyond the general principle of "it's their property, they should be allowed to do whatever tf they want with it short of harming other people".
It's a public service in the category of "idiot taxes".
No. Wrong. There is another open source option, and it is far superior: https://store.coinkite.com/store/cc-q1.
Prusa is a Czech company that manufactures their products in-house; Creality (the company that makes the Ender product line) is a Chinese company. Most other differences between the two companies' products, logically follow from this difference.
Yes, yes, I know, wired.com is full of damned communists, but I couldn't find any other English source for the recent events on this topic.
This is just trading-off time for space. Sometimes that's the right thing to do, sometimes it isn't.
Great, more of my money down the drain for some country halfway around the world that I don't care about.
Short of self-hosting your email server and hoping that this doesn't happen to you ... what's bad about Proton?
That place is full of Roddenberry-type utopian communists; what were you expecting?
AntennaPod is a really good podcatcher that keeps all the records on the phone.
Yes, async Rust is quite clearly doing a lot wrong. Control-flow divergences should be structured per https://vorpus.org/blog/notes-on-structured-concurrency-or-go-statement-considered-harmful/ and while there are scoped spawns for multithreading, there is no async equivalent, and the available features include the analogue of the harmful go statement.
The reasoning here is upside-down. The problem is not that people have lost faith in institutional authority - rather it is that people have maintained and begotten such faith in our institutions for so long, even as they have continued to rot away.
Putting so many people back in touch with reality has been one of the silver linings of this whole mess.