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Мне интересно, мне нравится казино
Is the offer interesting, are there any time limits?
I agree, I don't understand what this is for at all, why don't I just convert the exact amount to sat
I understand you, I realized that the award is not sets, and then, looking through the comments, I saw that the person threw off his public nostr key, decided that it was somehow connected with the relay) yes, I admit, in front of me I promise to be careful, hello to you from Russia, the city of Ulyanovsk, this is where Lenin was born and make UAZ cars, once again sorry that I didn't understand and froze nonsense, All the best, bitcoin live.
Don't swear, Dart, I just don't quite understand everything, I don't need sat, I won't live on it, it's not my goal, I just want to be closer to you, and I don't want to lose my cowboy hat, I periodically go to participate in dialogues, and no, no, I throw off memes. I am a kind and sincere person, I am not for profit.
It is very uncomfortable for me to admit, but I do not understand what is happening, why some have such a key, others have such a key
I'm back in a cowboy hat, it's a pleasure to communicate with you, I think I'm starting to understand) memes, sites in promotions, that's the whole secret))
Yes, without it, I feel extremely uncomfortable surrounded by cowboys The Wild West has nothing to say
I don't know how it works, but I lost it. It's a mystery that will live on for a long time, I've heard.
Thank you for your time, yes I understand, I will study more deeply
I recently heard on YouTube that when the last Bitcoin is mined, it will switch to the POS algorithm Then even in the comments under someone’s video to questions like these. I left the same comment that it will move to pos. To which I immediately received a question about proofs, which I, of course, could not find, I no longer say what I don’t know, I realize I’m ashamed. I hope you won't scold me too much for this))
Me too, I decided to show you without hesitation