Hey there, online shopping enthusiasts and tech-savvy folks! We've got some exciting news that's going to make your day. But wait, there's more! Have you heard of Superstore by supertestnet? It's a powerful webstore that aim to use Bitcoin for sending and receiving payments and nostr protocol to improve privacy and anonyminity witing P2P transaction.
We believe it's a game-changer for merchants and shoppers alike. We recently started refreshing and restructuring the idea around GoodStr that follows the same lines offering on top an enhanced customer experience. and from there implemented a simple Ui framework to improve the current design and have a solid base to expand and improve the consumer experience.
Before & After
GoodStr's Fresh Look and Feel
First off, let's talk about GoodStrrr new design. The onboarding page aim to be sleek, user-friendly, and designed to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. It's got a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and a modern aesthetic that's easy on the eyes. Trust me, you're going to love it!
Superstore: The Unsung Hero
Now, let's shift gears and talk about Superstore. This reopository project is a simple Bitcoin webstore that uses whisper addresses for enhanced privacy. Imagine being able to set up your own store without the hassle of servers, payment methods, or third-party fees. It's all about making e-commerce both free and easy to use.

Why GoodStr and Superstore are a Perfect Match

With no doubt Superstore's merchant-friendly approach is incoparable and the experience to publish new items it's pretty straight forward. Before than it's important to setup the cofigurations to be able to connect to nostr and your Bitcoin Lightning Node, not easy as it sound.
GoodStr's i the other side focus on product discovery complementing the commerce experiences in one stop FOSS solution. The coolest thing? You can download the source file and run it directly from your computer simply opening the onboard.html file into your preferred browser. While we continue working on current priorities, it's fun to look far and dream about how GoodStr could solve the current monopolized and centralized ecommerce. We aim to enable everyone to easily sell and buy product and services online, P2P, anonymously and privately.
Upcoming Features: The Discovery Section
GoodStr is soon going to focus on the Discovery section, aiming to make it easier for you to find the products you love. This is where the magic happens, and below it's how:
  • Discover worldwide products and services P2P
  • Personal webstore accessible o local, web ad mobile
  • Search by keywords
  • Filter by Category
  • Filter by Tag
  • Filter by Shipping Area
  • Filter by Price (yes, also provided in sats and Bitcoin)
  • Filter by Seller
  • Dedicated Merchant page
  • Simple onboarding for Lightning
  • Simple onboarding for Nostr
No login, no accounts... only your nostr nsec. For the merchants, as mentioned, it's a bit trickier to setup. Having a running lightning node it's mandatory and your products must be packed and ready for shipping. We also strive to write down some guides to provide guidance and adoption of these new technologies.
Get Involved!
Are you a developer or someone with technical skills? We are inviting anyone interested to get in touch via Nostr PM.

Final Thoughts

So, are you as excited as we are? The new GoodStr user interface, inspired by the Superstore simplicity, aim to set the stage for a more user-friendly and private online shopping experience. It's still early and the current design you'll find online and the repository as buggy and not 100% ready yet. But you can check it our and provide any valuable comment and feedback. It's not just about buying and selling; it's about creating a community where everyone benefits from and with each others based on a Value 4 Value model.
Happy shopping! 🎉🛍️
Nice work & write-up. I assume no links are available just yet, as you continue iterating on the new design? Any rough timelines around when we can get our hands on it?
To test, try our design on your device from alpha.GoodStr.io
i see a typo on the site:
should be goodstr. if I find the repository i'll send a pr
Thank you. No deadline... but ongoing WIP. If you want to familiarize with the core you can try superstore, download it and open the onboard.html to submit your items. To receive payments you need to connect a node.
A nice simple ~design! Keep it up 💪
When can I have delegated keys? I would like to have an employee run store that I have admin control over.
That's a super cool and useful feature request. Thank you very much for sharing it. We'll work on it ;) Stay tuned and subscribe to beta.GoodStr.io
Nice UI, fun upcoming features. Keep up the great work!
Thanks 💪