Imagine you have a huge spreadsheet with all the people in a western country of your choice. It has an immense number of columns; age, sex, location, political party last voted for, salary, self-employed or not, government employed or not, nr. of children, educated level, religious or not, spiritually interested or not and so on. Every metric that you can imagine is right there and the database is updated until February 2020.
Now imagine that you're in a room with 100 people. Everybody has a computer with this spreadsheet. You have 20 minutes to filter the table so that your selection has the highest amount of people that saw through the covid mass psychoses tyrannical bullshit? The one with the highest score, gets 10 bitcoin. How would you go about it?
My guess is that if you would have taken the column 'Identifies as bitcoiner' and filter it on 'yes'. You would probably have the highest score you can get. It's not 100% of course, but from what I saw, it's probably above 95% and this is huge because the average of is somewhere around 25%.
Can you think of any way to get a higher score?
I really don't get the connection between your choice in money and believing in covid. Bitcoiners aren't all one block of people that agree on all the same shit. You've been hanging out in bitcoin Twitter too much
This was a dumb way of pointing out that bitcoiners were less likely to believe in the psyop than the average person. Lots of extraneous info here
  1. Having such a spreadsheet is lame, evil, idiotic, impossible, whatever
  2. Bitcoin adoption is NOT about selecting few (influencers) to promote it. Wrong approach.
  3. Bitcoin is about individual responsibility and individual sovereignty.
  4. I identify as a darth-cat.
  5. I am still reading your post and try to get your point...
  1. The term 'thought experiment' is literally in the title.
  2. Didn't write that.
  3. Yes.
  4. Good.
  5. It's just an interesting idea about bitcoiners and their desire for truth.
Until a few years before covid I was a lot around people that are interested in 'truth', 'awareness' and 'investigating the self', stuff like that. I changed my course around the same time I found bitcoin, becoming more and more uneasy being around most of them.
I find it very interesting to see in 20/21 that those communities practically split 50/50 with a lot of drama, long time friendships destroyed, while in the bitcoin 'community' this hardly happened. For me it's a good sign.
I'd probably filter on what blogs/podcasts/websites they visit. If they're regular consumers of corporate media, they're out. If they consume more alt-media, like Joe Rogan, Zerohedge, etc, they're in.
That would probably result in a high score as well.
Being libertarians perhaps?
I really wish bitcoin will stop being associated with political beliefs soon. This post is so stupid
non sense...