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There are a prNIP-302 about relay pools, that maybe can fits with what you are thinking about 🤔 https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nips/pull/1035
I had another idea about this topic, using bip32 on nostr. Maybe it can be complemented with nip05... but maybe not necessary. Ill publish the proposal soon TM 🤙
Much more, and i think people would appreciate more and more its cryptographic nature and decentralized soul when enshittification evolves
The memory of Aaron Swartz its present in all of us 💜
Do you know the community of Málaga 2140?
Maybe, but this would be treated as two separate profiles together, not as a unified profile. I've recently been thinking about how to solve natively in nostr a way to do 'multisig'. But I haven't come to any interesting conclusions yet
The only solutions as far i know are nsecbunker and key delegation
Its very mobile frienly by the moment. You mean pwa?