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She is killing it 🔥🔥 her vocals kinda remind me a bit of Lzzy Hale.
I'm inclined to agree with you but I am also a sucker for a decent stripped back acoustic version of something.
Alrighty then, let's see if we've had this ;)
Micheal Sembello - Maniac
But this time with power metal 😉 Avantasia - Manic (2019)
Or Firewind - Maniac (2008) (live)
Or just because some things sound really fun with double bass blast beats here's MyGrain - Maniac (2024)
I love this song and pretty much all versions of it. It just gets you so pumped.
Don't like the metal core additions? It's definitely controversial.
Tenacious D did a fantastic version, I always felt however the emotion Corey Taylor manages to get over in the song is just gut wrenching.
Damn Bellzer ... You got me stumped. I love Aaron Lewis's vocals. But AIC aswell... This is too close to call.
You said maybe 🤣🤣 but we could definitely make it a maybe yes?? If @siggy47 chooses to join, with you aswell Bellzer that's 8 and that's a decent size for a fun league.
There was something that happened in the early 2000s if I remember correctly, but that I think was a one off occurrence.
Browse through different territories aswell, don't just stick to the home page. ~Music would love to hear what songs you want to share.
I dont remember if we've had this one before... If we have, I got plenty more to play around with 😉
Chris Isaac - Wicked Game.
Stone Sour - wicked game.
She does a great job of this track for sure. But the boss is the boss. I gotta say, if I was the boss and I heard this wonderful woman pay tribute to me like that. I'd be very honoured.
Kravitz by a (wait for it)... Country mile. 😁 He really does this song well.
Take that did a great job on this. I hadn't heard their version before. But really really great job.
See what you think of this version 😉
Some top self reggae today Roll. That guitar solo is 🤌🤌
Ooooffff we are not in Kansas anymore!
Toto are severely underrated, everyone loves Africa, or hold the line, or Rosanna. But they have so many fantastic tracks. Great share astro 👊
thats really chill. easy listening. kinda reminds me of snow patrol in some ways. but with country elements (like that banjo)