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you can plant a vineyard and you can make wine, all you need is two rows, towards the south but I know you know that....
I would like to live on a boat among simple smiling people who live peacefully without worrying too much about the future
Ordinals are retarded....
“Ah, Your Majesty, There Is No Second”
π (Pi)- Darren Aronofsky . Max is a reclusive mathematician who's built a super-computer that will not only provide him with the key to cracking the stock market, but may also reveal the true name of Jehovah; a discovery that could lead to the end of the world. His search however brings him to the attention of both Hassidic priests and Wall Street gurus.
Condor, your life was great, have a good journey...
Greece, where history was born and you can feel it everywhere. In some places in Athens you can pay with btc