515,833 sats stacked
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Ah can’t wait for my daily run over lunch, some Bitcoin podcast and the Sun!
Yeah plant and animal based foods would make more sense and not food MADE in a plant. Processed food is garbage
no, thanks, I'll have to check it out!
Stacking more sats anyway I can to cold storage. But no staking, learned my lesson!
We only live once and can’t money to the grave. Preserve a legacy of you have a family or causes you believe in, but LIVE. Do what fulfills you.
Does the Bible in a year by father Mike Schmitz count? It’s excellent!
The US judicial system has spoken. Facts and court decisions are the best system I’ve seen work globally though not perfect. Though, I’m confused on how you can be impeached twice, convicted of rape, and still run for president? I’m aware of all the items on the Biden side as well. Was hoping for some fresh leadership, but not as long as the political pockets are lined with cash for a few families of puppets…
Running. I have running buddies that I meet up with over lunch and we all work from home and in the same town. It is a stress reliever in the middle of the day, a great time to catch up since I have two young kids.